Inbox Zero for Gmail: Apps/Plugins


To identify apps/plugins that measure Zero Inbox statistics for Gmail to find out how often zero inbox is achieved in Gmail. The information required include a spreadsheet of apps, overview, user count, rating, and the date the app was last updated.

Early Findings


While we did not find apps and plugins that specifically focus on inbox zero statistics for Gmail during our initial search, we did find some tools that provide email statistics in general.
  • Email Analytics: this app provides a comprehensive list of analytics for Gmail including how many emails users have in various folders, how many emails sent per day, who users are frequently emailing, and how conversations usually unfold.
  • Email Meter: this app provides email statistics for Gmail, activity & response times, which is delivered to users every month, for free.
  • Active Inbox: this app (among other services) helps users achieve inbox zero by having one place to focus on emails and tasks and by breaking up daily lists into digestible chunks.
  • Front: among other services, this app provides users with Gmail analytics that relate to email trends, response times, and team performance.

Proposed next steps:

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