Research Outline

Apparel Brands that Use Recycled Plastic


To obtain information on how to pitch a product to the apparel market and gain competitive advantage by identifying companies that sell clothing made from recycled plastic, including their name, website, pricing range, and locations, first, in the United Kingdom (UK), followed by the European Union (EU), and the United States (US).

Early Findings

Batoko, Labo Mono, and Naeco are examples of companies selling clothing made from recycled plastic in the UK. Other examples, including those outside the UK, are Girlfriend Collective, Patagonia, Ellie Evans, ADAY, Ecoalf, Mara Hoffman, Gucci, Repainted, Veja, and TWOTHIRDS. On the other hand, Kind Bag (London-based) and Rothy's (US-based) sell women's shoes using fabric knitted from recycled plastic and bags 100% made from recycled plastic bottles, respectively.


Labo Mono

  • Labo Mono is a Hackney, London-based manufacturer of outerwear, particularly, jackets suited for adventure and the outdoors.
  • A link to the website can be found here.
  • Each of the company's jackets is made from approximately 30 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Labo Mono's jackets cost £159 per unit.
  • Although the company's headquarters are in London, it ships both locally and internationally at a cost of £7.50 in the UK, £12 to Europe & the Republic of Ireland, £15 to the US, Canada & Australia, and £30 to the rest of the world.

Summary of Findings

  • Our preliminary research was spent identifying as many companies as we could in the initial hour of research, including those that sell clothes made from recycled plastic in the UK as well as the US and the EU.
  • We also included two examples of companies selling handbags and shoes made from recycled plastic. If the focus should be on companies selling clothing items only, excluding any other apparel or accessories, this can be clarified to us in reply to this report.
  • We also provided the name, website, location and pricing information for two of the UK-based companies identified. We can continue the research to explore the companies identified in this report as well as identify more and group them based on their target market, i.e the UK, EU, or US. For each, we will provide the requested details, including the name, website, location, and pricing information.