Research Outline

Data theft: Apple MacBook


To have a broad understanding of the possibilities of data identity theft in Apple MacBook, preventive measures for identity theft, and data theft laws in Australia.

Early Findings

If your Apple MacBook was stolen, the thief is unlikely to be able to access any user accounts without your passwords. However, the thieves may be able to access the guest account if it was activated. It means that he will be able to use your Mac online, and your tracking software will have a chance to locate your Mac.

Identity theft precautions on Apple MacBook

  • Some ways to prevent data/identity theft from your Apple Macbook in the future include - 1) setting up a password, 2) enabling location tracking software, 3) physically locking it with MacBook air cable locks, 4) taking data backup on cloud storage.

Data theft laws in Australia

  • In Australia, computer intrusion and unauthorized access to or modification of data (including data destruction) are offenses under the Cybercrime Act 2001 (Cth) (the Cybercrime Act).
  • Cybercrimes that include computers or other information communications technologies are an integral part of an offense in Australia.
  • Criminal charges like hacking (unauthorized access), identity theft, or identity fraud can be pressed on the thieves.

Cybersecurity/Computer Forensic companies in Perth

  • Based in Perth, Australia, Forensic Instinct is a leading authority providing prevention, detection, and investigation of cybercrime misconduct. The telephone number of the company is 1300 303 559.
  • Pace Henley Investigation Services is a leading investigation firm in Perth, Australia. The company services include private investigation of personal/business computers, mobile telephones, among others. The contact number of the company is +61 8 9221 0260.
  • Asterisk Information Security, now part of CyberCX, provides has more than 15 years of experience in information security consulting, advice, and infrastructure. The company is based in Perth and can be contacted at 1800 651 420 or +61 86313 3971.
  • Slipstream Cyber Security is based in Perth, providing anti-fraud, intelligence, computer forensics, security engineering, legal, and data science services. The telephone number of the company is 1800 931 414.