Research Outline

AI Marketing Skills


Identify 4-5 required skills marketers should have to take advantage of AI in marketing.

Early Findings

  • Basic data analytics and coding skills: The AI helps with this but marketers "still need to figure out how to use the data to propel their businesses forward." Using AI results in lots of data to analyze and apply. Similarly, "If you know how to code, you can set up the data you want to analyze. You can program the data sets, data sizes, and sources for whatever you need the AI to compute."
  • Lifelong learning: "If you’re looking to integrate AI into your marketing strategy, they’ll help you identify where it might add value and where it won’t." Keeping up on new technologies and skills helps a marketer know how best to apply AI to be useful. And soft skills are just as important as technical skills.
  • Privacy and security: One major concern with AI is the risk of consumer's personal information and data being compromised. To use AI in marketing, marketers should also understand and implement basic privacy and security measures. AI is privacy-blind, so human intervention is necessary to ensure consumer privacy.