Appointment No-Shows


Determine if there is a huge trend of no-shows for appointments involving the financial services sector or other types of industries. Identify also the best practices that companies in these industries apply to address no-show problems. The information will be used to deal with the no-show problems of a company.

Early Findings


  • A large majority of bank customers who took the trouble of setting up an appointment showed up for the meeting with the bank officer.
  • Around 84% of these scheduled meetings pushed through while 12% were canceled before the aligned time. A mere 4% of these scheduled meetings resulted in no-shows.
  • Meanwhile, 43% of no-shows happened around the 9:00 am to 10:00 am schedule.
  • Some of the practices that companies do to avoid no-shows involve reminding their customers about the appointment one day before the scheduled date.
  • The use of appointment scheduling platforms can also help manage appointments.
  • These platforms can consolidate the data points around appointment scheduling to generate relevant insights such as the volume of no-shows, cancelled, or completed meetings.
  • Companies can then draft action plans to prevent no-shows based on these insights.
  • According to business owners, one way to ensure that clients can keep their scheduled appointments is to demand a refundable deposit for the appointment.
  • The amount can be refunded back to the client after the completion of the appointment.
  • Many small business owners were able to see a significant decrease in their no-show rates after they have implemented this scheme.


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