Research Proposal

What is a appropriate success benchmark to use for document downloads as a percentage of page views for a business to consumer c


To evaluate and determine average benchmarking statistics for downloads versus page views in general and more specifically within the finance and insurance industries.

Early Findings

  • According to Trew Marketing, the most common metrics to measure for landing page success are Total Web Sessions (Number of web visits across all users ), Average Views-To-Submission Rate (How many people view a page and complete the form ), New Contacts Generated (New users who complete forms ), Exit Rate (Percentage of users who leave a website on that landing page ), Bounce Rate (Percentage of users who start on the landing page and leave without completing the form or navigating to another page ), and Average Time on Page (Average time spent on the landing page).
  • Unbounce reports that "generally, a 12% conversion rate is pretty good for lead generation landing pages."
  • Unbounce studied the performance of 74.5 million visits to more than 64,000 lead generation landing pages created within its platform by Unbounce customers. The best conversion rate varied significantly across all the industries, while median conversion rate hovered between 3-5.5%.
  • Smart Insights reports that average basket and sales conversion rates are as follows: 43.8% of visits result in a product view, 14.5% result in adding a product to the cart, and 3.3% end with a completed transaction.
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