Government/Political Concerns with AR and VR


To identify insights on government or political concerns with AR and VR.

Early Findings

  • Governments are mainly concerned about cybersecurity and privacy, legacy systems, conflicting requirements, and financial sustainability when it comes to the use of AR and VR technologies.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy: The adoption of such technologies "creates privacy challenges in how technologies interact with users, and in what types of data the technologies interpret. The data gathered from such technologies need effective controls to protect the privacy of users. Government agencies also need to balance cybersecurity and privacy concerns against costs."
  • Legacy Systems: Many government organizations struggle to integrate their legacy systems to make sense of their data and may experience more challenges integrating them with new technologies such as AR and VR.
  • Conflicting Requirements: Stakeholders may misunderstand the functions of emerging technologies (such as AR and VR) or may misunderstand the operational goals of digital reality projects, resulting in a lack of support from them.
  • Financial Sustainability: Governments may also be challenged to find "consistent project funding, from startup costs to ongoing operations. While digital reality technologies can often save money once implemented, difficulties in budgeting can cause even the best use cases to go unfunded."
  • Governments will also likely need to have a comprehensive review of various existing policies for the use of such technologies.


  • For the initial hour, we were able to identify some early insights on government or political concerns with AR and VR. Please let us know in a comment below if more insights are of interest.
  • In the course of our research, we also came across more general insights on issues or risks when it comes to using AR and VR, AR/VR use in the US government, as well as general insights on AR and VR trends, which might also be of interest.
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