Research Proposal

Ardent Mills


The goal is to find out competitive information about Ardent Mills, challenges they face, and who their top competitors are.

Early Findings

  • Ardent Mills had a 2018 revenue of $3.3 billion and an after-tax profit of $197 million. They had a 5% growth from 2017.
  • Ardent Mills has 40 mills throughout the US. They serve brands such as Ultragrain and Hungarian High Altitude, as well as many store brands.
  • Their vision is "nurturing our customers, consumers and communities through innovative and nutritious grain-based solutions".
  • Ardent Mills recently signed an agreement with US Solar to purchase 1.8 million kWh in solar energy, making them more sustainable and saving them money on energy costs.
  • We did not find any publicly available competitors, however IncFact lists Ardent Mills' competitors as Manna Pro Products, Chelsea Milling, and Bunge North America.
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