Research Outline

Perceptions of the University of Oregon


To get up do speed with how high school students from middle to upper-class families in Arizona State perceive of the University of Oregon. The informational piece should contain the advantages and disadvantages of the University of Oregon, demographic, and psychographic analysis of the university's market/audience in Arizona, as well as the brand's positioning in the Arizona market. The research will be used to enhance understanding of the overall impression that highschool students from middle to upper-class families have of the University of Oregon.

Early Findings


  • The University of Oregon ranks 58th among public colleges in the US.
  • According to Forbes, the University of Oregon "is one of only two schools in the Pacific Northwest that are members of the Association of American Universities, a group of 62 leading public and private research institutions in the United States and Canada".
  • The University of Oregon has often been portrayed as a fun and exciting university to attend, with many self-driven students striving for success.
  • The university does not support underage drinking but has fun parties that students can attend and have fun.
  • For sports enthusiasts, the University of Oregon provides students with opportunities to engage in various sports such as football, basketball, or softball, and be able to enjoy and further their talents.
  • Some facilities in the university include a 12-lane lap pool, a spa, a climbing wall, and a bouldering area, and 21 badminton courts.
  • The large student population is an opportunity for individuals to maximize interactions and learn and embrace diverse cultures.
  • At Oregon University, there are many student organizations (religious groups, ethnic associations,art clubs etc) where students can meet new people.
  • The university is diverse and multicultural with students drawn from across all US states, and from about 100 countries from the world.


  • Poor weather conditions in the state of Oregon is a discouraging actor about the university. Oregon is known as a rainy state.
  • Transportation may be a challenge for those who stay off-campus and are not fans of public transportation within. Walking or riding to classes in the rain is not be pleasant. It has also been discovered that the theft of bikes in the university is high.
  • The living conditions are not the best at UoE. Most dorms available for first-year students are old and run-down. Better dorms go for higher prices.


  • In terms of enrollment by gender, 57% of students in the University of Oregon are female, while 43% are male.
  • By race and ethnicity, whites comprise the largest population at 57%, while the least community is that of Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander at 0.4%.
  • More information on the demographics can be found here.