AI-Powered Sales & Marketing: Pharma


To obtain a list of articles and case studies that focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence in sales and marketing departments in pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

Early Findings


  • Examples of major pharma companies that are utilizing AI in improving their marketing efforts include Pfizer, GSK, Novartis, Lundbeck, Takeda, AstraZeneca, and Teva.
  • The targeted dissemination of information to customers and potentials will result in a reduction in the cost of marketing.
  • Information coming from marketing efforts will become critical for R&D processes.
  • If AI is utilized to optimize the customer experience, it will demonstrate the difference between customer access and higher sales.
  • The pharmaceutical and medical industries have shifted from skepticism to allowing AI to play a critical role in engaging with patients, HCPs, and caregivers.
  • It will define how they target, market to, interact, and engage with the various stakeholders.
  • The various institutions in this industry should begin to comprehend the value that lies in AI enablement.
  • Statistics show that 54% of patients are okay with recieving AI-enabled care.

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and marketing efforts in this industry would, in the past, target entire populations as used with blockbuster drugs.
  • AI guarantees a patient-centric approach and these companies need to market in a more specific and targeted way.
  • As the "human versus machine" debate has morphed into a "human+machine" concept, the use of AI has gone beyond the development phase and into marketing strategies.

Targeted Content Delivery in Marketing


  • Pfizer set out to reenergize their marketing for their product, Chantix.
  • By acquiring data from public sources and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the AI was able to identify the segment of patients who successfully quit smoking.
  • By identifying this patient population, the company communicated the benefits of smoking cessation.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial research was able to provide general insights into AI efforts in marketing and also a short description of one use case.
  • Within the one-hour constraint, it was of paramount importance that we provide general/overall information to ensure that information on this topic is publicly available.
  • Following our findings, we have discovered that information on this topic is readily and publicly available.

Proposed next steps:

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