Artificial Intelligence Surveys


To obtain the main Artificial Intelligence (AI) surveys conducted in the last 12 months, the names of the companies funding them, the websites and media outlets they are being published, and the main topics/themes contained in the surveys. This research would be used to identify survey topics that are familiar enough to have coverage, but are not over-saturated or overused.

Early Findings

  • 2019 EDELMAN AI SURVEY: This survey was conducted by Edelman with a focus on the impact of AI on technology, society, business, and government.
  • AI survey 2019 — Constellation Research: This is an ongoing survey being conducted with the aim of understanding what drives business investment in artificial intelligence; the volume of investment in AI; stage of implementations; current efforts; resistance to AI adoption; and AI impact to workforce.
  • Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2019: This survey is focused on revealing how big data and artificial intelligence are promoting business transformation.
  • THE-Microsoft survey on AI: This survey focuses on providing insight regarding what university leaders and CTOs (chief technology officers) are doing to "meet future challenges".
  • Data & AI Survey 2019: This is also an ongoing survey that is geared towards understanding the data developments in applications, technology, "tooling and service providers".
  • Tieto's AI Survey 2019: The aim of this survey was to obtain insight on the public's opinions about "the development and use of AI in different areas". One section of this survey focused on industries and occupations while the other section provided insight on ethical considerations.

Proposed next steps:

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