This ask is two-fold: - What upcoming (within the next year) announcements/industry changes can we expect to see in Canada in t


Provide an analysis of the top platforms, websites, or other resources used by consumers in North America to access information on medical cannabis. Summarize any upcoming announcements or industry changes that are expected in the next year for the Canadian cannabis industry.

Early Findings

Future of Cannabis in Canada

  • Industry experts, such as Cam Battley from Aurora Cannabis, believe that the near future will see Canada as a major global exporter of cannabis. Currently, however, there are major regulatory restrictions preventing this type of trade. Still, major Canadian cannabis companies are taking what steps they can to expand internationally.
  • According to Health Canada, edibles and other next-generation cannabis products will officially become legal in the country on October 17. However, these products are not expected to be widely available at retail outlets until mid-December, at the earliest. Retailers must give Health Canada 60-days notice of their intention to sell these products, the cause of the delay. Packaging for these products must be child-resistant and plainly designed to not appeal to youth.

Cannabis Resources

  • HelloMD is a leading online platform that provides a community and resources for medical cannabis consumers. The platform features everything from e-commerce to medical consultations. The company also recently appointed a Director of Marketing and Business Development for Canada.
  • According to Similar Web, Leafly is the top-ranked marijuana-related website in Canada. Leafly reported to Forbes that its Canadian website sees 7.7 million annual active users. The company recently launched its Leafly Pickup service in Canada. Leafly also launched over 200 Leafly Kiosks, which are in-person information centers, in Canada in 2018. After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Leafly expanded its Canada-specific resources and information.

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