2K Games: CMO and Campaigns


To obtain the following information about 2K Games Inc.: i) what Melissa Bell has been up to in her tenure at 2K Games, as well as her past tenure at INFINITI Motors; ii) recent highlights or press clippings on the company's campaigns/launches for their NBA 2K game.

Early Findings

Melissa Bell

  • Melissa Bell is currently a senior vice president (SVP) and head of global marketing at 2K Games Inc. She was appointed to this role in April 2018.
  • Prior to her tenure at 2K Games, Bell served as the head of global marketing at INFINITI Motor Company Ltd. She spent four years and three months in this capacity.
  • In an article published by GamesIndustry.biz on July 23, 2018, 2K's president — David Ismailer — made the following remarks regarding Melissa Bell:
    • "And as we go into this digital space where we have an enormous amount of information, it's really important for us to understand what we do with that information, and to get people who understand what the digital space is like. Melissa Bell comes from Asia; the entire Asian economy is digital. So as we bring in more people and we get to the point where we're absorbing that kind of ecosystem, we're going to have to make some tough decisions and we need really smart people to do that."

2K Games' Campaigns/Launches

  • After achieving record sales of 10 million units for its NBA 2K18 series, NBA 2K recently launched the NBA 2K19. As the name suggests, this new series was launched in 2019.

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