Animal Science and Research


Provide information on animal sciences and new wildlife research.

Early Findings

Animal Dispersion and Prevalence

  • There are five primary biomes on Earth that provide habitats for unique wildlife, these being the desert, aquatic, grassland, forest and tundra environments.
  • There are numerous sub-biomes that are home to various species of wildlife.
  • It is estimated that over 8.7 million unique species are alive on Earth, only 1.3 million of these having been identified.
  • The highest percentage of living organism types are animals at 76%, followed by plants at 17%.
  • There are over 6,000 known species of wildlife that exist in North America.

Animal Conservancy

  • The global animal conservancy market/expenditure has reached $76 billion, $7 billion of this being from the United States.
  • New research and species discovery is increasing the perceived importance of biodiversity and the conservation of lesser known animal types.
  • National Geographic pioneers wildlife research and census studies.
  • ZSL Publications provides up-to-date articles on new and trending research in animal conservancy.

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend dedicating additional research to providing the numbers of known and estimated total species of wildlife in each of the seven global continents, along with approximate animal populations and highest densities of wildlife in each. We would also provide an industry trends analysis of new and emerging research into wildlife and animal conservation.
Additionally, we would provide an analysis of the types of animals in each of the five identified biomes, including the most populous/dominant species, approximate geographic range, and the prevalence of endangered animals in each environment.
Other: tell us what you would like to know.