Asymmetric Investments Research


To find asymmetric investment candidates in order to facilitate investment decisions.

Early Findings

  • Our preliminary research didn't reveal specific asymmetric investment candidates or opportunities. Most of the resources we came across during our research were educational and were focused on teaching asymmetric investment and the benefits of the strategy.
  • However, we found a couple of investment firms that are focused on asymmetric investment opportunities or that utilize asymmetric investment strategies.
  • Assymetryam is a venture capital fund that is focused on targeting "uncorrelated and absolute market returns utilizing investments with asymmetrical risk/return profiles."
  • Horizon Kinetics is an investment adviser whose core objective is to profit from asymmetrically favorable risk/reward opportunities. The company has over $5.3 billion in asset under management and has been investing for 30 years.
  • Asymmetria Group is an investment company that is focused on capitalizing on asymmetric investment opportunities in the private capital markets or the securities markets generally used by institutional investors.

Proposed next steps:

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Based on the availability of data, we propose continuing this project by dedicating additional research into finding 7-10 hedge funds, asset managers, and/or other investment firms that utilize asymmetric investment strategy to invest or that are focused on taking advantage of asymmetric investment opportunities. For each fund, we will provide a brief detail about the fund, its investment philosophy, asset under management if applicable and available, and the website.