Atlantic Economic Corridor Ireland


To understand growth and investment trends within the Atlantic Economic Corridor in Ireland.

Early Findings

  • The 10 local authorities in the AEC are Clare, Donegal, Galway City, Galway County, Kerry, Leitrim, Limerick, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo.
  • The AEC divides the region into four areas to focus investment and growth focus. The North West is home to major FDI; Galway and the West to major life sciences, software, telecoms and gaming; the Mid-West to large multi-national companies; and the South West to tech, life sciences and business services.
  • The IDA Ireland gives some information about growth potential and reasons that Ireland leads in FDI. This infographic gives data about why Ireland has become a hub.
  • Even more data is available via this comprehensive report.
  • The IDA also publishes quarterly reports showing growth in the country as a whole.
  • The AEC website has case studies, but they are not especially data driven examples.
  • Examining the Local Enterprise Office websites for Donegal, Clare and Limerick showed us that all these websites are roughly similar and while they can give an insight on where the specific counties focus their efforts, no data is available on confirmed investment growth.
  • As a sample, we checked Limerick County's website to see if there any data there about economic growth. There is some data available, such as government investment in infrastructure and number of new jobs, but not necessarily a concrete 'market size' for each individual county.
  • Limerick's growth sectors are ICT, life sciences, engineering and content and consumer and business services. Food and film are also important sector to the county. Growth is mostly concentrated on the National Technology Base, adjacent the University of Limerick Campus and also the IDA Raheen Business Park close to Shannon International Airport.
  • Proposed next steps:

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    Our initial research revealed there are some data-driven findings concerning the investment and growth of AEC areas, though some of it is variable depending on the depth of local government reporting. We propose the following approach: 1) For each of the 10 identified local authorities of the AEC, we will research and compose a brief on that area's investment data (growth) and industry trends (which industries are being actively promoted/sought and seeing the most investment and growth); 2) An overview of the AEC as a whole, looking at concrete data on growth, growth potential and investments across the region. For all of these, we will focus on finding as much data-driven information as possible in the form of numerical facts and statistics.
    Alternatively, we could condense the research into 1 broad overview of the AEC. We would look at finding investment and growth facts and figures from the past few years and projections for the future.