Audere Partners' Main Competitors


To differentiate Audere Partners from other companies in the operations marketing consulting industry by identifying the top seven primary competitors to Audere Partners.

Early Findings

  • We weren’t able to find one specific list of the top 7 operations marketing consulting firms but were able to find some of the most popular.
  • Business Insider created a list of the top nine marketing consulting firms that covered the U.S. and international companies. U.S. companies that were included were McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, and BCG
  • McKinsey specializes in a wide variety of fields in the public and private fields, gas, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton provides expertise in technologies, engineering and science, and analytics.
  • BCG does business with international clients as Audere Partners does and provides consulting in finance, operations, people, and sustainability.
  • Clutch produced a list of operation consulting firms for 2020 that included U.S. and international companies.
  • Some U.S. companies included on this list were Epic Culture, SmallWorld, and Founders Approach.
  • Most of these companies specialized in business operations such as building websites and digital innovation in the operations world.
  • AT Kearney is also considered at the top for their coverage of a wide variety of needs such as mergers, digital, and operations and performance.

Proposed next steps:

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