Audi Brand Perception and Branded Experience


To understand Audi's brand perception in selected countries as well as well as automotive-branded experience in China in order to facilitate a pitch.

Early Findings

  • Audi is perceived to be a luxury brand in the US. It is believed to be expensive for the features it has, especially when compared to Asian luxury vehicles with similar features.
  • Audi is also a car that is perceived to have a very high maintenance cost once the warranty is over.
  • Audi is perceived to be a very safe car, with cars that earn perfect safety scores in its line up, however, Audi's reliability is not as highly rated, according to U.S. News.
  • Audi's exterior and interior design are perceived to be among its best features.
  • For US riders and consumers who value performance highly, Audi is believed to be one of the top choices, edging out brands such as BMW in some ratings.
  • In 2016 and 2017, "Audi (81) earned the highest overall brand score in Consumer Reports’ annual indicator of which brands make the best cars. Porsche (78), BMW (77), Lexus (77), and Subaru (74) rounded out the top five in CR’s rankings."
  • In 2018, Genesis and Audi topped Consumer Reports’ "annual report with every one of their tested models earning the “CR Recommended” designation." with Genesis slightly edging out Audi.
  • Audi's overall satisfaction ratings based on 510 consumer reviews on Consumer Affairs is about 3.5. The biggest complaints are about reliability and maintenance issues. There are also complaints about difficulties using Audi's website from the US and difficulty setting up myAudi.

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