Research Outline

Audio White Space Opportunities


To identify audio white space opportunities outside of the podcast category and potential new business opportunities, to further identify what companies have found early success like Knowable, Glide, and Dipsea, and to determine how a new audio-first company can differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Early Findings

Audio White Space Opportunities

  • According to Alex Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital, the market is ready for companies like Knowable, creating audio white space opportunities for new businesses in the e-learning segment. Beyond podcasting, half of Americans have listened to an audio book, and the e-learning market is $190 billion today, with projected growth to $300 billion as bloated and expensive higher education succumbs to cheaper and more focused options.
  • Another audio white space opportunity is in the audio advertising market segment that is anticipated to exponentially grow this year. Brands are embracing the power of combining data and audio at scale. As audiences grow, there will be many more players producing new audio content from brands, media owners, and influencers.
  • Other companies like Knowable that have found early success are Descript and Substack.
  • Similar companies like Glide that have found early success are Wire and TextNow.
  • Other companies like Dipsea that have found early success are Quinn and Vibease Chat.