Australian Loyalty Programs


The goal is to find recent trends in the Australian loyalty program space such as new programs, current success trends, and new competitors.

Early Findings

  • One expected trend in Australian loyalty programs is integration with digital payment systems such as digital wallets and smartphone payment systems.
  • Including experiences as reward program perks is becoming more popular in Australia. One example is Mecca Cosmetics, which offers its loyalty program members free makeup applications and access to VIP events.
  • Some Australian companies and branches that are launching or overhauling loyalty programs in 2019 include Vogue, Tesla, Qantas, and Medibank.
  • In Australia, the average number of loyalty program memberships is about 4 per person.
  • The top-performing loyalty programs in Australia include Cole's Flybuys program, Woolsworth Rewards, Priceline Sister Club, and CommBank Awards.
  • According to a Deloitte AU survey, 26% of respondents say they remain loyal to a brand because of their loyalty program. The same study found that only 47% of people actually use all of their loyalty points and take advantage of loyalty program offers.
  • Currently, what makes an Australian loyalty program effective includes offering discounts, having VIP programs, and offering member-only sweepstakes or raffles.
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