Research Outline

Auto Insurance Ad Spend


Provide information on the breakdown auto insurance ad spend works, messaging around roadside assistance, and share of voice of different types of messages within the auto insurance advertising space

Early Findings

Automotive Insurance Ad Spend

  • Non informational ads that were focused around general brand awareness, and those that included entertainment or humor to bring awareness were 30% of the ad content of automotive insurance companies.
  • Ads that were mixed between informational and non-informational were 60% of all auto insurance ads.
  • Across all sectors, automotive advertising totaled $18 billion in the US in 2018.
  • US ad spend in automotive sectors has been declining, with an estimated decline of 12% since 2012.
  • Digital advertising constitutes approximately 22.9% of overall ad spend in the automotive space.
  • Spending on digital ads over TV ads for auto categories such as insurance rose over 16% in 2018, and is expected to continue to grow.
  • However, given growth in the automotive sector as a whole declined, companies may trim ad budgets alongside revenue shortfalls.

Roadside Assistance Ad Strategies

Greater online visibility in search results was the key for roadside assistance based providers to acquire customers, rather than ad content itself.

Google search trends revealed that an increasing amount of motorists have searched for Roadside Assistance" in the past few years.