Research Outline

Auto Insurance Options


To provide details of 3 cheap auto insurance companies that offer pay-by-the-mile insurance options and can protect a driver who drives another person's car in the states of Nevada and California.

Early Findings

According to Value Penguin, the three cheapest insurance companies in the United States includes State Farm, Geico, and USAA. Other cheap insurance coverages in the United States are provided herein.

State Farm

  • A website link to State Farm is provided herein.
  • State Farm is regarded as the largest auto insurance company in the United States. The company provides "policies nationwide and rates that beat the average in 48 states (excluding Massachusetts and Rhode Island) and D.C."
  • A minimum auto insurance coverage policy with the company costs $356 for six months.
  • The actual rate for each city and state is dependent on the locality. The price tag for the different locality can be obtained using the locality's zip code.
  • State Farm insurance protects a driver who drives another person's car provided the driver has the owner's consent.



  • A website link to USAA is provided herein.