Automation Testing Companies


  • Identify 3-4 niche/unique product companies and service players that specialize in automation testing for artificial intelligence (AI), preferably for POS, gas station pumps, and payment method tech.
  • The companies/players must specialize in automation testing for point of sales (POS), gas station pumps, and payment methods technologies.
  • The overall goal of each of the above points is to identify the best product company/expert to talk to regarding assistance for an upcoming project.

Early Findings

clarifications — please respond to these!

1. Can you confirm that you are specifically interested in companies that offer automation testing?

2. Are there any specific types of automation tests that the companies should offer? (i.e. integration testing, regression testing, smoke testing, etc.)

3. Is there a specific geography that the automation testing companies should operate in? Although you stated you do not have a preference in the original chat, initial searches have confirmed that options vary by country. As a result, we just want to confirm where the companies we locate should offer testing at.

4. For each company that we locate, what information would you like to know about them? Within a single request, we could identify 3-5 pre-compiled data points.

Proposed next steps:

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