Research Outline

Psychographic Profile General Manager Automotive Dealership


To finish up a qualitative survey aimed towards automotive dealership decision makers, it is necessary to understand the psychographics of automotive general managers and why they choose their sales telecommunications. Specifically, information on the pleasurable and networking activities they tend to participate and the type of websites and social media they visit online.

Early Findings

  • This article provides insight into what a general manager's weekly schedule should look like. It comes from an industry expert who has helped multiple automotive dealership general managers earn more money.
  • The article mentions that general managers should attend "20 Group" meetings. 20 Group helps "dealer-owners and/or executive managers run more profitable operations". The 20 Group can be considered as the graduate school of automotive management.
  • The article further mentions that a general manager should regularly check customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Edmunds, and DealerRater. The general manager should personally respond to bad reviews.
  • Furthermore, the general manager should audit the dealership's channels and how they are performing. Among the channels mentioned are ads on social media, Google AdWords, and third-party lead providers.
  • According to this article, the automotive dealership general manager's preferred social media platform is Facebook as this is used for tailored campaigns. YouTube is seen as a "research portal" as audiences go there to find out why they should buy something. Audiences visiting Instagram are viewed more as hobbyists.
  • Facebook enables dealers to target audiences based on the consumer's purchase behavior. Shoppers who show interest in a certain car or have visited the competitor frequently in a three month period are targeted.

  • During the initial hour of research, insights were found on a networking and educational group general managers attend, the sites successful general managers visit to keep tabs on customer reviews, social media channels used by dealerships and why.
  • No insights were found on their pleasurable activities attended and their phone habits.
  • Psychographic information on the general manager of automotive dealerships is not readily available in the public domain and has to be pieced together from a variety of sources such as interviews with general managers, industry experts that have closely worked together with general managers, and industry-focused new articles, among others.