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Autotrader & KellyBlueBook


The revenue and market share of Autotrader & KellyBlueBook.

Early Findings

  • Both Kelley Blue Book and are owned by Cox Automotive.
  • Cox Automotive has a revenue of over $7.3 billion. It is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises - a privately-owned company with about $21 billion in annual revenues.
  • Some other companies owned companies owned by Cox Automotive include Manheim, Ktime, Dealertrack, and NextGear Capital.
  • alone, has a revenue of over $1 billion while Kelly Blue Book has a revenue of roughly $88 million.
  • The online automotive ecommerce market place is worth about $12 billion. This means AutoTrader has a market share of roughly 8.33% (1/12*100) while Kelley Blue Book has a market share of about 0.73% [(88 million/12 billion)*100].

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