AutoTrander and KBB Competitive Landscape


Understand the competitive position of AutoTrader and KelleyBlueBook.

Early Findings


  • Financial Standing
    • In 2018, AutoTrader generated £330.1 million in revenue, 7% growth from 2017.
    • The company generates 85% of their revenue from trade, 9% from customer service, and 6% from manufacturing and agency.
  • Competitors include the following:
  • Audience:
    • The company claims that internal data proved an increase in audience engagement in 2018 based on advert views with 94 views per second per day.
  • AutoTrade's business model is a six step process including the following:
    • "Increase consumer audience, advert views and use of our valuation tools ."
    • "Improve stock choice, volumes and accuracy."
    • "Grow ARPR in a balanced, sustainable way by creating value for our customers ."
    • "Enhance our relevance and value to manufacturers ."
    • "Extend our product offering further down the buying funnel, towards online transactions ."
    • "Create and maintain high-performing, data-oriented teams."


Proposed next steps:

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