Simas Didžbalis


To gather all available information on Simas Didžbalis: his background, education, professional experience, social profiles and business information. This will be used to aid in conducting due diligence for an ongoing project.

Early Findings

  • A quick search shows that the name Simas Didžbalis could refer to various people; however, the most notable one is Simas Didžbalis, who is the leader of Signumus, MB and worksimas Didžbalis at Fortivitum Ltd.
  • Generally, there appears to be limited information on any of these two persons; however, for this research, we focused on Simas Didžbalis, who appears to be from Lithuania, and works at Fortivitum Ltd as the business development manager.


  • Based on his LinkedIn account, he describes himself as someone who is "people person."
  • He speaks 6 languages: Danish, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.


  • At Fortivitum, he is responsible for "maintaining tasks and processes to develop and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations, as well as, creating of long-term value for Fortivitum from customers, markets, and relationships. "
  • Currently, he's focused on expanding Fortivitum as the business development manager. On the contrary, a local news platform and the Lithuanian version of the Fortivitum website reveal that he is the founder of the company.
  • According to the Lithuanian version of the Fortivitum website, his mission for establishing the company revolves around the need to help people, both kids, adults and seniors, by providing for their vitamin needs with the best available vitamin supplements in the market.
  • His quest for laboratories that could custom-build spray supplements and vitamins brought him to the US, "who had been developing and developing this spray and vitamin liquefaction technology for years."
  • He believes that "a successful idea for a life science startup needs to consist of several components: first of all, the product or service being created must not only stand out, but also be useful, quality and constantly improving."
  • His LinkedIn account shows that he is the founder and CEO of Signumus, MB, since July 2013. At Signumus, he is responsible for cordinating the projects of a company, as well as other consulting services.


  • He obtained his bachelor's degree in process managment at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, from 2011-2014.

Professional Experience

  • He has "spent several years in consulting and coaching businesses about taxes, business strategy, and the process of management."
  • His LinkedIn account shows that he is the founder and CEO of Signumus, MB, since July 2013.
  • He has received a few endorsements for his managerial, leadership and sales skills.
  • He also has some inter-personal skills around negotiation, customer servivce, and coaching.

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