Research Outline

Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) Products


To provide information on the available and emerging brain-computer-interface (BCI) options by providing a list of BCI products that are for EEG and those that are non-EEG, including the price for purchase, acquisition, or fabrication; the stage in development/testing; links to the product page, research and academic publications; and any technical information on integrating the product with other products or platforms. This will be used for product research and development purposes.

Early Findings

  • "Electroencephalogram (EEG)-based brain-computer interfaces (BCI) can be characterized by the non-invasive technique used to measure brain activity and by the way that different brain signals are translated into commands that control an effector." The electrodes are usually placed on the scalp surface. Other BCI types include MEG - magnetoencephalography, PET - positron emission tomography, fMRI - functional magnetic resonance imaging, fNIRS - near-infrared spectroscopy, and other invasive and semi-invasive techniques such as ECoG - electrocorticographic BCI.
  • Ross Dawson provides a list of the 7 leading BCI companies and their current and/or prospective products. The list includes Neuralink, Neurable, Emotiv, Kernel, NextMind, MELTIN MMI, and BitBrain.


  • "Neuralink is building and developing a fully integrated brain-machine interface (BMI) system, sometimes called a brain-computer interface (BCI).
  • "Neuralink is designing the first neural implant that will let individuals control a computer or mobile device anywhere they go. This will involve micron-scale threads that are inserted into areas of the brain that control movement. Each thread contains many electrodes and connects them to an implant, 'the Link.'"
  • There are no quantitative pricing details for the Neuralink product. The surgery, to insert the Link, is almost completely done by an automated robot, also designed by Neuralink — at an estimated initial cost of $10-20 million. However, the CEO, Elon Musk, revealed that "they will bring down the cost of both the implant and the device down to a couple of thousand dollars."
  • There's no information on the integration of Neuralink with other products. "The product is only connected to the Neuralink app that allows users to control their iOS device, keyboard, and mouse directly with the activity of their brain, just by thinking about it."


  • During our one-hour preliminary research, the research identified 7 BCI products and for one of the products (Neuralink), we provided an indication if it is an EEG product or not, pricing details, product stage, links to the product page and research publications, as well as the technical integration details.
  • The research team also created a spreadsheet for this purpose and provided these early findings in Rows 2-8, Columns A-G of the attached spreadsheet for a better presentation of the data. Hence, the findings from further research will be presented in the spreadsheet.
  • Lastly, since no geographic focus was provided, the research team adopted a global focus for the project.