B-B-C experiences


To identify examples of great B2B customer experiences to help a small business create game changing experiences for their clients.

Early Findings

Preliminary findings show there are many examples of companies that exhibit excellent B-B-C experiences, but most are not small companies.


  • Each IBM client is assigned a team of specialists whose job it is to assist the client in integrating IBM Cloud Storage into their existing processes.
  • The team of specialists train the client on how IBM Cloud Storage can best work for their business.
  • This strategy helps clients fully understand the product, which in turn increases their engagement.
  • Moreover, IBM regularly seeks feedback from its business clients and uses the feedback to improve its products.
  • This feedback process "contributes to the company’s high customer retention rate."


  • As the second-most trusted B2B company, FedEx provides streamlined communication to its clients in the form of a single customer-focused newsletter rather than sending multiple emails from different departments.
  • This decision made communication with FedEx simpler and allowed clients to quickly find important information.


  • Since many of Wells Fargo customers are small businesses, the bank provides a robust resource area that provides training on "how to build and strengthen businesses on topics ranging from marketing to payroll."
  • Moreover, Wells Fargo's products for small businesses are streamlined solutions that easily integrate with other programs that are popular with small businesses, like QuickBooks.
  • This allows small business clients to conveniently have all their banking needs in one place.


  • Rather than tell clients about its products, GE provides companies to see first-hand how its products can help their businesses grow.
  • GE has two "customer experience centers," one in the U.S. and one in Germany, that showcase the company's capabilities.
  • Clients can see GE's manufacturing processes in action and speak with a customer experience representative about a personalized plan.



  • Qumulo, a "provider of simple, scalable, and efficient enterprise data storage systems," provides excellent B2B customer experiences by seeking feedback from its clients to give them the experience they want.
  • The company's Qumulo Portal provides customers access to helpful resources, a client community that provides information about product releases and featured requests, and the ability to open a support ticket.


  • As with B2C customers, Motorola realized it needed to connect emotionally with its B2B customers.
  • Its "Moments the Matter" campaign targeted its business users such as first responders, doctors, and retail associates by showing them how Motorola's products are critical in the moments that matter.
  • Motorola realized that B2B customers are still people and emotional connection is just as important for them as it is for B2C customers.


  • Jamf, a company that provides software to businesses that helps them manage their Apple devices, has humanized technology to allow them to connect with their clients on a more personal level.
  • Jamf Nation is a community that allows Jamf customers to "connect with fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other."
  • Jamf realized that "building a community equals building a brand.


  • T-Mobile is a leading telecom provider in the U.S. and has high ratings among its B2B clients for integrity and personalization.
  • The company focuses on establishing an emotional connection with its B2B customers by providing relevant offers that are tailored to their needs.
  • For example, T-Mobile ensures that its B2B clients can stay connected even if they are in the air, which is important for business travelers.
  • Business clients also receive dedicated account teams and 24/7 support, which allows the company to provide individualized service, which "gives T-Mobile the opportunity to ensure that every brand interaction makes clients feel valued, as well as providing T- Mobile with a platform to build and sustain high levels of trust."


  • One of the top 10 best service brands in Britain, Nationwide has an entire department dedicated to business customer care, which is called the Office of Customer Advocacy.
  • The department not only helps customers with their policies and their payouts, but it also seeks and collects feedback that it distributes "throughout the company to ensure continuous improvement."
  • This allows the company to implement wide scale changes that go beyond the front lines and "ensures that all departments work towards common goals and strategies."
  • To obtain this feedback, this office conducts both online and telephone interviews and surveys to measure customer loyalty and understand how the company can improve.
  • This closed loop process, along with "transparent internal communication, and departmental alignment" shows that Nationwide is customer-centric, which has propelled it to be named the "#1 total small business insurer."
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