Research Outline

B2B Company Podcasts


Obtain insights on branded podcasts and determine why they are used by B2B companies.

Early Findings

B2B Company Podcasts Insights

  • B2B companies create their own branded podcasts as this medium can help in making their brand known to consumers.
  • Podcasting is also a way for B2B firms to position themselves as thought leaders in their industries.
  • Producing well-thought-out and useful content can also enable brands to stand out from their peers.
  • Branded podcasts with valuable content can also entice listeners to establish a relationship with the brand.
  • B2B companies also start their own podcasts if their competitors are also producing one. This is to ensure that they are ahead of these competitors in the minds of their consumers.
  • B2B brands also get into podcasting if most of their clients are business leaders who have a habit of listening to podcasts while commuting or exercising.
  • For IBM, its main purpose in producing its IBM Cloud podcast is to train sellers and partners on the new features of their products.
  • The company also worked on improving its podcast to include engaging content that can cater to the interest of its listeners.
  • The Dell Luminaries podcast is considered to be one example of a B2B podcast that showcases the brand's thought leadership.
  • For every podcast episode, the company invites guests with valuable and interesting ideas to present to the listeners.
  • Some of these guests are Dell employees who are experts in their field.
  • Dell's podcasts also feature influential business owners and corporate leaders in the tech sector.
  • SAP also launched its "Customer Support Podcast."
  • The podcast broadcasts quotes from a variety of internal and external experts.

Summary of Findings:

Our initial one hour of research provided some insights into why B2B companies create their own branded podcasts.