Research Outline

B2B Brand/Company - Successful Podcasts


To find data showing the success of B2B branded podcasts.

Early Findings

Metrics Used to Measure the Success of Podcasts

  • The success of branded podcasts is measured differently than other channels.
Some the metrics used to measure podcast success are:
  • Downloads and Total Play: This measurement gives an idea on the progress between each podcast and the potential increase in popularity or listeners.
  • Listen-Through Rate: This measurement reveals whether the content of the podcast is consistent and if listeners are consuming the whole podcast.
  • Total Subscribers: This is equivalent to followers in social media.
  • Reviews: This is an important tool to gather feedback about the podcast.
  • Charts: They are a great way to compare success with other branded podcasts.

Difference with Normal Marketing

  • Podcasts differ with other marketing tools as it is difficult to track the link between a listen and a future purchase.
  • What can be done is measure whether the audio content is successful in itself using metrics such as downloads, chart position, reviews, etc..

Podcast Success Measurement

  • According to JAR, their audio branded podcasts receive consumption rates as high as 95%.
BBC has found that organizations with branded podcasts have recorded the following results:
  • 89% higher awareness
  • 57% higher branded consideration
  • 24% higher brand favorability
  • 14% higher purchase intent
  • 16% higher engagement and 12% higher memory encoding than other forms of content

Examples of Successful Branded B2B Podcasts