B2B Drip Campaign Best Practices


To provide an overview of best practices for B2B drip campaigns (also called 'nurture series'), in order to better understand drip campaigns in general and how to nurture leads. The overview will also address the best way to approach B2B drip campaigns and the best tactics for successfully closing a B2B lead.

Early Findings

Initial research indicates that information specific to B2B nurture series/drip campaigns is relatively scarce; information about B2B marketing in general is fairly abundant, as is information about nurture series/drip campaign best practices in general. One common theme across both B2B marketing best practices and drip campaign best practices is focusing on the quality of the content and its relevance to the consumer.
  • Research indicates that B2B customers expect the same level of marketing personalization as B2C customers.
  • Best practices for B2B marketing which apply to drip campaigns include 1) building trust with authentic and high quality content, 2) sharing your expertise with your leads, and 3) and continue to be interesting a relevant to the customer. Specific to email campaigns, quickly following up after lead generation is considered a best practice.
  • Best practices for nurture campaigns in general which are applicable to the B2B segment include 1) clearly identifying and segmenting 'nurtable' leads, 2) begin with a single campaign for all leads, so as to immediately reach latent prospects, and 3) provide high-quality content.
  • Adding a compelling call-to-action button in B2B email marketing is essential to nurturing higher conversion rates.

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