B2B Lead Generation Best Practices


To identify best practices for approaching B2B lead generation, including successful lead generation tactics.

Early Findings

Email Marketing

  • Depsite its age, email has consistently held the top spot for being the most effective in terms of B2B lead generation.
  • The use of marketing automation tools along with emails has proven even more effective. These tools allow businesses to send high-targeted emails that are personalized.
  • Thomas Reuters reported a 172% revenue increase after adopting marketing automation tools for email marketing.

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing can take many forms including blogging, publishing case studies and white papers, website articles, and more.
  • Content marketing generates 3 times more leads and results in 6 times higher conversion rates.
  • After publishing a series of videos, infographics, and Q&A blog posts, Crow Horwarth reported $250,000 revenue directly attributed to content marketing.

Content Marketing-Blogging

  • Approximately 59% of B2B marketers say that blogging is the most valuable channel for content marketing.
  • Blog posts help establish a business as a niche expert. In addition, each blog post increases the number of pages for the business indexed on Google.
  • An Eccolo Media study reported that blogging content tied with e-newsletters as the most effective in lead generation.
  • Hubspot reports that 90% of its leads were generated from blog posts.

Content Marketing-White Papers

  • White papers can be a powerful tool for generating leads, especially for technical companies.
  • White papers are most effective for generating leads during the pre-sales and initial sales phase.
  • At least 62% of B2B marketers claim that using white papers in B2B marketing is the most successful type of content in lead generation.

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