B2B Marketing Campaigns (Lead Generation)


Seeking a list of 5-7 B2B (business-to-business) campaigns that had a focus on (and were successful in) lead generation to inspire creative ideas for a B2B lead generation campaign.

Early Findings

Our background research about the topic unveiled the following information:


  • Pica8 is an American IT networking company; well known for its network operating systems (NOS). Initially, the brand was doing great with its fortune 50 cleints, but it was focused on expanding its client network. For this, they reached out to Saratoga B2B Group and started with a pilot program which was focused on "generating more website traffic from organic Google searches and, ultimately, more leads."
  • The pilot program proved to be fruitful, and so it was extended to include a LinkedIn sponsored content ad campaign. The target audience for this campaign included potential leads from Fortune 1000 companies, "to build on successful word-of-mouth sales to enterprises, including Fortune 50."
  • This was a huge campaign which included several phases from content and SEO optimization to white papers and Linkedin ads. The final results are provided as follows:
  • "60 qualified leads from the LinkedIn campaign in the very first month."
  • "Steady month-to-month increase in website traffic from organic search."

Dropbox Business

  • The B2B company recently received the 2018 B2B Marketing Award for its recent marketing campaign. Dropbox wanted to establish a strong connection with its new target audience (marketers) and wanted to focus on generating more and more quality leads with the help of this campaign.
  • The campaign was highly innovative, and it used "marketing personality" as its core tool to interact with the marketer audience; this idea also helped them in educating the marketer audience about the advantages and the shortcomings of the current model and the ways by which team relationships could be improved.
  • A microsite was created with an embedded assessment tool, "which helped marketers to dig into and take advantage of the varied and unique personality traits of themselves and their teammates, and share personalized results."
  • This campaign included "infographics, blog posts, ebook, and psychometric research" for improving brand awareness. The first phase of the campaign unveiled an initial return on investment (ROI) of 25:1, and 220 percent of its lead-generation goal was also fulfilled.

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