Research Outline

B2B - Strategic Statements


To identify instances of strategic statements from B2B firms in Europe that include elements of "passion" or "hope."

Early Findings

Hedgehog Lab

  • "With a presence spreading across multiple continents, we are an ever-growing team who strive to #bethehedgehog. Passionate about technology, we work with partners to deliver successful, innovative solutions."

DCSL Software

  • "Sharing our expertise and passion to build solutions that empower your business"
  • "DCSL’s contribution in taking the ELLA toolkit from vision to reality has been critical, Richard adds, confirming that the partnership will continue long into the future. As well as working on the next language versions and working on other updates over time, DCSL will develop new toolkits, starting with one designed to boost the impact of knowledge workers. “We hope to get this underway in 2020,” he says."


  • We don’t just throw around the term UX. For us, it’s a passion. Since 2005, our UX agency has combined user-centred design with inspirational art directions, user interfaces and technology to overcome the most complex requirements.


  • Our intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge makes us passionate market researchers. We want to know anything and everything, and we have the means to question a lot of people.

Cocomore AG

  • (Read manifesto) We are our clients’ co-entrepreneurs. Our passion is our clients’ success. We pursue opportunities. Together with our clients, we find out where they can be digital winners.

Iteora GmbH

  • “I hope to see an impressive proto AI in the next eight years.”

Else & Bang

  • "Chat with others and have only one word. To create lasting passions. Touch people by respecting them."


  • "We are proud of our entrepreneurial roots and passionate about championing technology for our clients."


  • "We’re passionate about mobile, always looking for news ways that it can be used for business innovation."

The Yard Creative

  • At TYC we are extremely passionate about designing remarkable store design. We know the big impact that good store design has on how customers interact, understand and convert with your brand.