Research Outline

Baby Boomers: Travel Behaviors


The number of baby boomers in the US that take trips longer than a month.

Early Findings

  • Up to 60% of baby boomers in the US took at least one trip "shorter than five nights" in 2018 while 23% said that their longest trip was less than five days.
  • Around 22% of baby boomers in the US took a trip longer than seven days in 2018, the highest percentage when compared with other generations who took such trips.
  • For baby boomers who take trips, around 11% mentioned that the "financial burden of longer trips was a motivator to keep it short."
  • Baby boomers are the most likely generation to take longer trips. More than 50% of baby boomers took at least "one mini-vacation" in 2018. About 40% "did not take any trips that were shorter than 5 nights."
  • In general, Americans are now taking "microcations," also known as shorter trips. There is a decrease in the number of Americans taking longer trips.


  • Currently, there are 74 million baby boomers in the US. Since 22% of them take trips longer than seven days, the conclusion can be arrived at that around 16.3 million baby boomers take long trips of more than seven days.