Research Outline

Baker Hughes Subsea Production


To obtain a spreadsheet with Glassdoor reviews for Baker Hughes Subsea Production including role, comp (if available), and review, that depict the company culture in order to understand the company culture of a business subunit.

Early Findings


  • As a follow-up to the previous research, our team analyzed company review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed and were unable to find reviews specific to Baker Hughes' Subsea production. A thorough analysis of the current reviews on these platforms was unable to identify any reviews that indicated that the employee/former employee was from the Subsea production section.
  • This research team went ahead to search for the "Baker Hughes - Vetco (Baker Hughes Subsea production systems)" profiles. Initially, an overview of the Subsea production section that is available on the company website was already reviewed. As we dag deeper, we discovered that Vetco Gray was a company on its own and was acquired by Baker Hughes in 1989.
  • Vetco's Glassdoor page only has three reviews in English and one in Portuguese.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Additional research on the experience of working with Baker Hughes Subsea production provides an analysis of the customer experience rather than the company culture. As such, the only option we have to gather the general sentiments is to provide reviews for Baker Hughes as a whole.
  • This spreadsheet could be used to add more insights from reviews identified as was described in the previous research attempt. Possible research paths are presented below.