Baking Research


Find out available information about the interaction between the act of baking and relationship connections in order to build a campaign for a major global brand. The primary focus should be on the UK and Australia, if available.

Early Findings

We specifically set out to identify influencers who are ~100 years old and tell their life stories and/or give advice (while baking, preferred). However, very few older people are influencers and very few bake. We have selected some details set to show how info wasn’t out there as well as provide some value.
  • On YouTube there are many videos featuring much ‘older’ people that are engaged in the act of baking. But, typically, the channel may not necessarily be focused on this older person as an actual influencer. The influencer might be a son or some other programming. Likewise, the older person is typically not 100.
  • A list of the top 50 baking shows on YouTube did not mention older bakers; in fact, many sources tend to mention the younger bakers as influencers.
  • This is a list of “senior citizen YouTubers.” The list contains a channel called “Pasta Grannies” that sometimes features grannies as old as 93.
  • A chef blogger, Lavender and Lovage, is listed as a top blogger in food. This particular blogger may be relevant because she is largely influenced by her grandmother and mother, Karen S Burns Booth runs Lavender and Lovage from her kitchens in the South West of France and North Yorkshire. She takes cues from her childhood, remembering the "tables groaning under the weight of home-baked pies, cakes, scones, tarts, preserves, jams, pickles and bread. But she is “over 50” and not ~100.
  • There are very few social media networks that have successful hosts over 60 years old.
  • This 68 is a successful YouTuber and gives advice on doing it to older people.
  • An 80 yo grandmother and her grandson are featured on the “Grandma Lill” YouTube channel. Mary Jo Shannon is also an older YouTuber that tells stories.
  • There is also a “gaming grandma” (Shirley Curry) who is 82 yo.
  • This video features “top 10 Centenarians Given Advice.” However, this is an entire series based on “Life Lessons from 100-Year Olds.”
  • There is one centenarian that we were able to identify that became an influencer, Indian grandmother Karre Mastanamma. However, she has died.
  • This is a cooking channel from an older American YouTuber on Depression Era cooking. The actual age looks to be much older than 60.

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