Research Outline

Banks - Consumer Rewards Credit Cards: United States


To determine the consumer rewards credit cards of the 10 banks listed, as well as, whether they offer cash back or points, and if cash back, whether they offer above 1% back on any transaction types, whether it is points, whether they offer above 1x for any transaction types, and what the approximate value per point is, and finally what kind of sign-up bonus they are offering.

Early Findings


  • Citibank has over ten rewards credit card, However, more than half of these consumer rewards credit cards are only for those who use the services offered by specific companies.
  • For example, the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card By Citi is for those with Costco membership while the Expedia® Rewards Card From Citi is for those who use Expedia.
  • Thus, none of these "branded" consumer rewards cards were included. Only the five rewards credit cards that are offered to all Citibank customers have been entered in the spreadsheet.


  • Bank of America categorizes its consumer rewards credit cards into Cash Rewards, Travel Rewards, Airline Rewards, Points Rewards, and Cards for Students.
  • Only the rewards cards in the Cash and Points Rewards categories have been included in the spreadsheet.
  • The consumer rewards credit cards offered by Bank of America include the Bank of America® Cash Rewards, Bank of America® Premium Rewards®, and Bank of America® Travel Rewards.
  • Rows 2 and 3 of the spreadsheet have been completed.