Banks - Consumer Rewards Credit Cards: United States


To obtain details on customer rewards credit cards of the banks identified in the earlier request. To obtain a list of digital banks that offer their customers rewards credit cards.

Early Findings

  • The details for the previously identified banks and TMRW (digital bank) are populated in this spreadsheet.
  • Ally CashBack Credit Card. The details were not available on the site. We acquired the information from a site that compares credit cards.
  • Chime is a globally recognized digital bank based in the US. They offer their customers debit cards but do not offer the credit card option yet.
  • TMRW offers a credit card solution. Its features are available here.
  • Other banks that may offer credit card options are not in the US. Some examples are these top digital banks globally.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research attempted to find consumer rewards credit cards offered by digital banks. Our research was unable to find a list of digital banks that offer credit cards to populate the spreadsheet. We were only able to identify 1 bank that met this criterion. We realized that digital banks offer debit cards to their customers. For this reason, we propose additional research to identify 4-5 digital banks that offer their customers credit cards. For this request to be successful, we will need to expand the scope to global.