Bay Area Investors


To obtain a list of Bay area seed investors investing in agtech, synthetic biology, animal health, food tech, and biotech, specifically companies similar to Next-Biotics. The list should include the firm name, location, and recent investment in listed industries.

Early Findings

Our initial research indicates that there are quite a few seed investors in the Bay area that invest in biotech, agtech, and synthetic biology sectors. Though ranges of investments are available, specific investments in individual companies is usually undisclosed.
  • AgFunder is located in San Francisco and is one of the most active investors in Agtech. Recent seed investments by AgFunder include Brightseed, DeHaat, ImpactVision, Stem, and Chinova. Specific funding amounts are undisclosed, though investment ranges are between $500K to $1M.
  • FTW Ventures is located in San Francisco and provides seed investments to food tech, agtech, and biotech companies. Portfolio companies include Proper Foods, Nomiku, Geltor, Square Roots, and Spoiler Alert. Though individual investment amounts are not published, FTW's range of investment is between $50k to $500k.
  • Cantos Ventures, located in San Francisco, invests in agtech, biotech, and material science. Portfolio companies include Chameleon, Mission Barns, Phenomic, and Solugen. Typical investments range from $150k to $500k.
  • Innovation Endeavors, located in Palo Alto, invests heavily in agtech and biotech. Portfolio companies include Plenty, Gro Biosciences, Farmer's Fridge, Ukko, and Cropx. Investments range from $100k to $10m.
  • Data Collective, located in Palo Alto, investments focus on seed and Series A funding for agtech, biotech, and healt tech. Portfolio companies include 3fBio, Agenovir, Evonetix, and Molecular Assemblies. Investments range from $10k to $20m.

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