Bed-Wetting - Wearable Products


To obtain a list of tips for selecting the best wearable products that address adult bedwetting. This research would be used to write a blog post titled "What product should I use for bedwetting."

Early Findings

  • Dry Night Solutions, a joint program between NAFC and HDIS, reports that using absorbent products to address enuresis is a great approach for many adults. However, it is important to choose the right product; otherwise, the results could be very disappointing.
  • First, a user should ensure that the selected item is appropriate for their size, shape, and the volume of urine that the user typically releases at night. The reason for this is that there are a wide variety of products available, and each of these products may vary by liquid capacity, size, and other features.
  • A user may need to try out several products before finding something that works for them. There are cases where a user tries "5 to 6 different products before finding the right one." Certain suppliers provide sample packs containing a variety of products for buyers to try without having to buy full packages of each product.
  • Regardless of one's decision — pads or underwear, with heavy, moderate, or light protection — buyers should ensure that they choose a product that has a reliably absorbent core. This type of product ensures that moisture is drawn from the "[user's] skin and kept off the bedsheets, so [there is] less irritation and no mess in the morning to worry about."
  • Another important factor to keep in mind is "that maxi-pads are not recommended for nighttime urine absorption — day or night." Typically, this category of pads "contain plastic backing or barriers that actually push out moisture, and that may keep [the user] or the bed wet."
  • Some people are more confident using mattress pads or underpads. While they can be great additional products to consider, it is recommended to use them in coordination with absorbent pads or underwear. Through this approach, a user will be far more comfortable generally, and will better protect their skin from irritation or even worse conditions.

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