Beef Processing Competitive Landscape


To provide competitive landscape information for the identified four companies i.e. American Food Groups, Greater Omaha Packing, Caviness Beef Packers, and Kenosha Beef International. Information to be provided will include their facility types, how they source their beef (locally or outsourced), total revenue (if available or may need to be calculated), competitive advantage, clients (U.S. only or international), and ownership structure.

Early Findings

American Food Groups

Ownership Structure

Competitive Advantage

  • The American Foods Group serves the international market with a presence in over 40 countries.
  • The company operates under a vertical integration structure that ensures the company controls where its meat comes from.
  • Another aspect of the company's competitive advantage is in the investments it has made to food safety. Examples of food safety initiatives that the company pursues is the extensive continuous training on food safety requirements and operating procedures that it offers to its employees.
  • By putting in place sustainability initiatives the company also gains a competitive advantage. The American Foods Group is an industry leader in both energy reduction management and renewable bio-fuel technology.

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend continuing with research to provide the requested information for Greater Omaha Packing, Caviness Beef Packers, and Kenosha Beef International. For each, company we will provide information on how they source their beef, competitive advantage, and ownership structure.
We also recommend research to identify 2-3 of the current trends in the meat packing industry of the United States. For each identified trend, we will provide what the trend is, why it is a trend (why we chose it), and 1-2 examples of industry experts discussing the trend.