Itineraries for Slow-Motion Travelers in Connecticut


To identify the itineraries for slow-motion travellers using trains, buses, and bikes through Connecticut routes, as well as routes for hikers.

Early Findings


  • Local bus routes in Connecticut make regular stops after every 2-3 blocks, making it easier for commuters to connect neighborhoods and city centers.
  • Local bus routes also make it easier for slow-motion travelers to connect with neighboring communities, such as Bristol, CTfastrak, Hartford, and Meriden, among other routes.
  • Commuters relying on local transit can easily access malls, hospitals, and shopping centers, with ease.

Bikes and Hike Treks

  • Slow-motion travelers who opt to traverse with bikes or follow hike treks can choose from over 1,000 trails in Connecticut. These include hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and running trails among others, through Hamden, Guilford or Glastonbury.
  • Bikers and hikers may enjoy hand-curated trail maps or photos from campers. Easy trails start from 0.6 to 42.7 miles as well as 1,886 feet above sea level.
  • Some of the most recommended nature trails around Connecticut for bikers and hikers, include Connecticut state park trails, Mount Riga State Park and Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve around Kensington.

Proposed next steps:

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