Belairdirect (insurance) in Canada


To understand the marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, and competitive advantage of Belairdirect and its main competitors in Canada, as well as the customer journey for a home and auto insurance market.

Early Findings

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

Non-Life Insurance in Canada
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  • Based on the information we can access from the above-mentioned proprietary research, Belairdirect's top competitors include Aviva, Desjardins Group, and the Co-Operators Group.
  • Other top companies in the Canadian home insurance market include Aviva, Desjardins, RSA Canada Group, Wawanesa Mutual, Co-operators General, Lloyd's Underwriters, TD Insurance, Economical Insurance, and AIG.
  • Some top companies in the Canadian auto insurance marketing include Allstate, Aviva, Economical, and Personal Insurance.

Belairdirect Marketing Strategy and Advertising Campaigns

  • According to a March 2019 Belairdirect press release, the company has recently launched a new advertising campaign with a "cinematic storytelling approach."
  • The new spots, called "The House" (in French) and "The Boss" (in English) focus on the simplicity of the belairdirect process, which puts customers in control.
  • "The Boxer" is the newest ad in the campaign, and it focuses on Belairdirect giving customers control by rewarding them for good driving.
  • Belairdirect's competitive advantage is their fast, easy processes for getting quotes and making claims.

Insurance Customer Journey

  • Insurance platform JRNY provides a customer journey infographic, showing the steps in the process.

Summary of Initial Findings Related to Goals

Our initial research has determined the top competitors of Belairdirect, as well as the current marketing strategy and advertising examples of Belairdirect. We did not have time to investigate similar details for these competitors or fully outline the customer journey.

Proposed next steps:

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