Financial Regulators


Obtain information on financial regulators and a list of businesses that produce and measure data. The information will be used to find new ways of funding companies.

Early Findings

Innovative Financial Regulators

Dominic Venturo

  • Dominic Venturo is the Chief Innovation Officer for payment services at U.S. Bank.
  • He is one of the speakers in the Bank Innovation Conference in Seattle, USA.
  • He will also be involved in a conversation at Bank Innovation Build 2019.
  • Mr. Venturo is responsible for the deployment of various innovative technologies in the industry.
  • His financial innovations include "blockchain, faster payments, computer vision, and augmented reality."

Diana Biggs

  • Diana Biggs is the Head of Innovation at the Global Private Banking Division of HSBC.
  • She will be one of the speakers in the Finovate Europe 2020 conference.
  • Ms. Biggs is a "global consultant and entrepreneur" who is an expert in innovative technologies.
  • She is also recognized as a blockchain expert.
  • She has provided her expertise to the "University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Oliver Wyman Financial Services, and now at HSBC."

Kahina Van Dyke

  • Kahina Van Dyke is the Senior Vice President for Business and Corporate Development for the Ripple company.
  • She is widely recognized for her experience in influencing financial institutions to "adopt innovative and once-radical technologies."
  • She is currently aiming to persuade the financial industry to be more open to cryptocurrency.

Companies that Produce and Measure Data


  • Surtrac provides an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can consolidate the real-time data captured from current and newly-placed IoT sensors and equipment to monitor, improve, and configure traffic lights.
  • The solution enables the adjustment of the traffic lights based on the traffic situation or the time of day.


  • Nedap provides a smart parking solution that uses "long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) sensors" to capture information on the vehicles entering parking lots.
  • The solution also calculates parking fees automatically.
  • The company's Sensit solution gets data from ground parking sensors to evaluate the occupancy scenarios in parking lots.
  • The data is then used to generate insights that are used to guide vehicles to the right parking spots.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided information on some of the financial influencers that are involved in implementing blockchain solutions. We also provided two companies that are involved in measuring and capturing data that can potentially be used for road safety and security. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose continuing with the research to provide 7 additional financial regulators who are open to emerging innovative technologies and are involved in approving financial instruments such as cryptocurrency regulations or blockchain. We will also consider the speakers in financial innovation conferences who are involved in blockchain or other innovative financial technologies. We will then describe their work on innovative technologies or in the creation of new financial assets. We will also provide 4-6 companies that deal with measuring and producing data that can be used to create a new type of security like what Home It ( does. We will provide the name of the companies, the website of the companies, an overview of their service, why are they similar to the given company, and their valuation. We will focus our research on examples from the US and Europe.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide the full profiles of the identified financial regulators or speakers. We will provide their educational background, work background, contact information, interests, press mentions, and other notable details.