Research Outline

Best Appointment Booking Software


To identify the best appointment booking software to integrate with Dr Chrono ERM software and Wordpress.

Early Findings

  • Dr Chrono has an online scheduling widget that will allow new and existing patients to schedule appointments via the practice website.
  • NexHealth's online booking feature allows for customization, real-time availability, bidirectional sync with management software, and integration with social media platforms and Dr Chrono.
  • Dr Chrono lists its integration partners as Box, Square, and Quest Diagnostics.
  • Square Appointments may be another software to explore since Dr Chrono has a relationship with Square for payments.
  • ZocDoc offers online medical booking and integrates with Dr Chronos; however, it appears its Wordpress widget was recently closed, and it's unclear if another Wordpress option is available.
  • We have set up a spreadsheet for completion of a competitive landscape of appointment booking software options.