Airpods Pro: Equivalents


To determine the best equivalent to Airpods Pro headphones in the android ecosystem. The equivalent must satify the following conditions 1) Wireless/bluetooth, 2) Noise canceling, 3) Work well with the Android ecosystem, and 4) should be small/ fit inside the ear, not large/covering the ear. Additionally determine whether Airpods Pro work well with androids, downsides of them, and are Airpods Pro the best choice these days?

Early Findings

During our initial research, we reviewed several different earphones that are mentioned as the best alternatives to Airpods Pro for android. After a thorough search, we were able to determine one such equivalent to Airpods Pro that satisfies all the conditions and is mentioned as best equivalent to Airpods Pro by several credible articles and press releases. A summary of our findings is provided below:

Best Equivalent To Airpods Pro: Klipsch T5 True Wireless

Airpods Pro With Android

  • Airpods Pro works with Android, but some functionalities of Airpods Pro would be missed on Android phones.


  • Using Airpods Pro with an Android phone won't give access to Siri functionality as it is only meant for iOS.
  • Airpods Pro comes with iOS 13 enabled features like audio sharing, which enables two different sets of Airpods to share the same audio stream. This feature is inaccessible when Airpods Pro is used with an Android phone.
  • Some functionalities of Airpods Pro are accessed through an app but there is no such app for non-iOS users.

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