Research Outline

Best Gift Ideas for Men in


To identify cool gift options/ideas available in Washington DC for men who appreciate art, culture, sports, and food.

Early Findings

  • Esquire, a popular men's magazine, published a list of some of the most thoughtful gifts one can get for a man who appreciates art, culture, sports, and food. We will be listing some of the ideas recommended by the magazine below.
  • Beer Brewing Class: It is a unique gift that combines the love of art and beer in one single package. It is an online class that can be purchased as a gift for interested participants. Beer&Brewing currently offers an all-access $99.9 subscription which covers videos, quizzes, and other interactive content separated into modules on its website. Scholars also get a certificate for completed courses.
  • Private Museum Tour: This is great for those particularly interested in arts and culture. MuseumHacks currently offers a 2-hour private tour of popular museums complete with select themes such as Game of Thrones and other artiste-focused museum tours. The offer also comes with private tour guides who possess vast knowledge of each museum's best secrets. Private museum tours for Washington DC start at $59 and available online.
  • A Vinebox Subscription: This is a dream gift for those who love experiencing new tastes. Each order contains nine different wines, packaged in single-serving vials. GetVineBox is available in Washington DC. Subscription starts at $75 and available for purchase online.
  • [Wildcard] Another cool option outside culture, art, sport, and food is racing in a NASCAR. This gift is particularly suitable for men who enjoy fast thrills and the outdoors. According to the description, participants are expected to hit speeds of 160 MPH and complete full 6 laps around the track. The NASCAR Ride Along is available in Washington DC and starts at $99. It is also available for purchase online.