Montessori Schools


Identify the best Montessori schools for New Orleans, Charleston, and Austin, explaining how "best" was determined. Additionally, provide the age ranges served for each school identified.

Early Findings

There is no uniform ranking system for Montessori schools throughout the nation. Additionally, due to the limited number of Montessori schools operating in the country, the research team only identified a few schools per city. Those schools have been provided below.

New Orleans



Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research was only ale to identify the Montessori schools in each area, and did not find any comprehensive ranking system, we recommend further research to provide a competitive landscape for the schools. For each school identified above, we will determine the age range they serve, the schedule, the cost, what makes their school unique, and 1-2 consumer reviews of the school.
Additionally, we recommend further research to identify 5-7 best practices to consider when choosing a Montessori school. Best practices would be determined based on the mention by multiple credible experts in the area.
Finally, we recommend further research to provide 5-7 best practices for helping an elementary school child transition to a new school. We will prioritize practices for transitioning to a new Montessori school, but may expand to practices nit geared towards Montessori as necessary.